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kelly bauer, fiida principal



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1545 west thomas road
phoenix, arizona 85015
p 602 264 1955
f 602 264 9234


cheuvront wine bar

Location: Phoenix, Arizona

Client: Ken Cheuvront

Program: 4,500 sf / Completed Fall 2007

Located at the ground level of a residential loft building, this modern upscale restaurant/bar in downtown Phoenix is dedicated to a unique cheese menu and a convenient bar utilized for wine browsing and tasting.

Concept Wine Bar
As a tenant improvement project, the most significant constraint of the space was the low height of the concrete ceiling structure. The challenge was to design a dynamic space while incorporating exposed systems distribution in an organized and non-obtrusive way. Mechanical and electrical systems were configured to be semi-concealed above the ceiling planes allowing the concrete ceiling structure of the space to be exposed outside the extents of the planes.

Brightly colored wall planes extend vertically and turn horizontal to become ceiling planes as a means of defining distinct spaces within the interior of the bar, modulating the ceiling height and creating a sense of partial enclosure. At the south wall, a projector flashes silent images that add to the personality of the restaurant.

While the bar serves wine it is also on display for sale by the bottle. The black steel and wood wine display wall was created to be a showcase for the selections and inventory of wines available as well as a major visual element in the space.

Stained concrete floors and more refined, softer accents of the interior such as plush seating, shear draperies and materials such as cork and wood, contrast the raw concrete and masonry of the shell building.

Photography: Robert Wreck